What is BIDI?

India is a beautiful country. However certain people in this country take the nation and her resources for granted and abuse them. We strongly condemn statements that India is dirty country; the fact is that India is beautiful, it’s the people who are dirty. Through this initiative we aim to highlight those committing the crime against our country and her image and also promote those few Beautiful Indians who are working hard towards restoring her pride. It all comes down to this: Whenever you see someone dirtying India, immediately click a pic and post it in the Dirty Indians Album with a caption. Also, each time you notice someone doing good work for our country, click a picture and post it in the Beautiful India Album. We believe that this campaign can go a long way to support all those who support India and dissuade those who don't. This is your campaign... help us, join us, and let's reach a point where Beautiful India has MANY MORE pictures than Dirty Indians. Possible? We certainly think so!

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